LETTERS: Blasphemy by preacher, Programs addressed

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Blasphemy by preacher

In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon in January 2018, Franklin Graham said the difference between Bill Clinton committing adultery as president and Donald Trump performing the same forbidden act before being elected to said office was that Trump’s sinful actions, according to Graham, “happened … 14 years ago and so I think there is a big difference and not that we give anybody a pass but we have to look at the timeline and that was before (Trump) was in office.”

Is the “great evangelist” Franklin Graham trying to tell us that it’s OK for a certain person to commit adultery while it’s illegal for another person to do the same thing? For a pastor to give a free pass to anyone (including Joe Biden’s predecessor) who commits the sinful act of adultery is committing a sinful act of nature in the eyes of God.

In this Friday, Dec. 8, 2017, file photo, evangelical preacher Franklin Graham speaks in Hanoi, Vietnam. (Hau Dinh/AP File Photo)

It was the Lord our God who created the Ten Commandments including the seventh, which reads, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

There is no passage found in the Bible that one person can be pardoned for sin by a preacher who condemns another person for it simultaneously.

There are many evangelists out there who sport a halo on each of their heads when it comes to preaching the Gospel. For many of those who twist and bend the Word of God just to back their political candidates and to look good for it in public is plain blasphemy.

Sadly, folks, the sanctity of evangelism is being poisoned by those who exercise favoritism, hatred and corruption across all mediums (e.g., TV, radio) on a daily basis. Evangelism, which is the sacred practice of spreading the Christian Gospel by preaching or witness, is not a gift reserved for the few but a God-breathed command given to everyone in this world.

May the Word of God prevail over all facets of evil and remain solid as a rock forever.

Roberto Lopez


Programs addressed

The Aug. 3 letter from Bill Williams discussed the estimated cost of President Biden’s student loan forgiveness. A bit of history:

Under George W. Bush: Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac: $200 billion. Also under Bush: auto industry: $17.4 billion.

Under Donald Trump: COVID: $783.09 billion. I did not benefit from any of these.

Now as to H-2A visas, a bit of information: The H-2A temporary agricultural program allows employers who anticipate a shortage of domestic workers to bring nonimmigrant foreign workers to the U.S. to perform agricultural labor or services of a temporary or seasonal nature.

In this May 11, 2007 file photo, Emanuel Mandujarro of Guanajuato, Mexico, a temporary worker with an H-2A agriculture work visa, gathers oranges at a citrus farm in Arcadia, Fla. (Lynne Sladky/AP File Photo)

The department must determine that:

There are not sufficient able, willing and qualified U.S. workers available to perform the agricultural labor or services of a temporary or seasonal nature for which an employer desires to hire temporary foreign workers.

The employment of the H-2A worker(s) will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of workers in the U.S. similarly employed.

The employer must engage in positive recruitment of U.S. workers.

These are important factors. When was the last time you went out to do agricultural work, especially in the 105-degree weather we are currently experiencing?

Raquel Martinez


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