LETTERS: Sick children elicit comment

My Monitor this morning was very unpleasant to read! More deaths due to COVID-19 in our Valley and throughout the whole world that could have been prevented by the use of common sense. Now our kids by the tens of thousands are getting the bug and some are dying from it.

Why do we spend millions of dollars protecting the unborn and let our born children suffer this terrible disease? Masks and vaccines work!

Our political leaders here in Texas are hell-bent on controlling our lives just as the Taliban are doing in Afghanistan. The picture on Aug. 24, page 10A, is a visual depiction of their attitudes toward their goal of controlling their ability to stay in office. The Republican pictured is saying by his body language that “I have the power to do what I want no matter what you say.” The Democrat to the right is saying, “I, am horrified by what is happening and have no power to change things.”

The gun law that took effect Sept. 1 allowing everyone to strap a gun on their hip and go wherever they want without a license indicates we are in for big trouble. Will those carrying guns also carry whips to prey on those without protection? The Taliban have perfected this behavior and have forced their rules on their country’s people. Will this happen in Texas?

Bill Williams, Palmview