LETTERS: Evil policy

Subsequent to the February 2020 withdrawal agreement with the Taliban, while still president and before their Aug. 15 victory, Donald Trump and adviser Stephen Miller devised a means of stonewalling the exit visa process of Afghans assisting U.S. forces, several years before they’d formulated “zero tolerance” separating children from families.

A commonality was undercutting the means of escaping dire circumstances. The former, not wanting Muslims. The latter, communicating intentional cruelty dare brown-skinned people consider asylum.

For example, ICE/Border Patrol returned and/or pushed asylum-seekers back across international bridges. Matamoros tent camps held Brownsville applicants awaiting immigration court hearings that Trump intentionally hobbled. Confronting hunger and disease, Gulf Coast summers and hurricanes, a humanitarian crisis exploded.

Consistent with a malignant narcissistic personality disorder, Trump’s the pathology in-operation. Mental health professionals including his niece, Mary, provided the diagnosis.

Trump’s “empathy” toward Afghan blood + four years, defying “rule of law-due process,” is the “Chosen One” MAGA millions approve. Condoning/endorsing such barbarism denies the sincerity of 40-plus years “family value/pro-life” credentials.

History records a plea of “no contest.” Evil has been committed in the name of all Americans.

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah, Alpine