LETTERS: Political visits draw criticism

I awakened to a fresh cup of coffee and the local Monitor dated July 15 with a front page almost devoted to one of the elites of Texas, formerly of Florida!

With 2 million people living in the Valley, one would think our numbers would bring the politicians to this area of the state more often to learn if, and I want to emphasize if, we have problems that we need their help in solving.

My opinion is we don’t need dozens of elites coming to our area just to electioneer but in the guise of problem solving. Case in point: the governor came to the border with all his plans cemented in executive orders already printed.

But he had asked our local judges and sheriffs to meet with him to formulate plans to deal with perceived problems. This cost almost $1 million in expenses and lost time on the job.

Fund raising should be done on their dime and not our taxpayers’!

Mr. Abbott raised millions of dollars just after that fiasco of a trip.

Now we have Mr. Bush here in the Valley talking about suing the president over the wall that migrants come with cheap ladders, ropes and shovels to defeat billions of dollars spent on a costly wall. This is just fundraising and electioneering at their worst.

I have a sure-fire solution to this problem: incarcerate those employers who hire aliens without proper legal papers to work.

Without jobs, most of those people will not come.

There is a special legislative session convening in Austin now.

Why not pass a law stating no hiring of aliens and make it tough and easy to enforce?

Bill Williams, Palmview