LETTERS: Liberal censorship

In less than a week, five fully vaccinated “Fleebaggers” DemocRATS who fled to D.C. (the District of Corruption) to dodge their constitutional responsibilities have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

That’s fully 10 percent of the 50 irresponsible Texas “lawmakers” who are reportedly being funded by other anti-America liberals while AWOL.

Questions: Just how effective are the COVID vaccines? Being that not much is reported on the deaths and serious side-effects of the vaccines, how dangerous are the vaccines? How much are the pharmaceutical companies and their billionaire investors profiting off the hundreds of millions of COVID vaccine doses? At up to $40 a jab, it seems as those who administer the vaccines also have a financial incentive to push the unproven vaccines.

In these days of government and liberal censorship, is asking questions considered misinformation?

N. Rodriguez, Harlingen