LETTERS: Religion and blame

Rafael Cruz: “Let me say, as the father of two daughters, there is something deeply wrong that we have these shootings. There are a lot of things behind it that have nothing to do with government. They have things to do with things like removing God from the public square, like losing the moral foundation of much of our society, like losing the binds of community and family.”

By God, Cruz is saying Jesus. If Cruz is right, Japan should be one of the most violent nations on earth. Actually, Japan had zero shootings. Japan is about 1% Christian.

Everything Cruz said about Jesus and mass shootings is wrong. The truth is that the more Christian a nation is, the more violent the nation is. Colonel Ethan Allen, of Revolutionary War fame: “I am no Christian, except mere infant baptism make me one.” He added that, “Prayer to God is no part of a rational religion, nor did reason ever dictate it.”

Thomas Paine, America’s Godfather, said, “The belief of a cruel God makes a cruel man.” What kind of God would have mass shootings in a Texas church because there are gay people in California? The obvious answer is Ted Cruz’s God.

“ Ted Cruz ranked as the No. 1 recipient of campaign donations from gun-rights backers in the 2018 election cycle, as he attracted $309,021 in contributions.” Actually, the “God of the public square” is now money. Ted Cruz will do absolutely nothing to offend his supporters by doing something about gun violence.

Why are Ted Cruz and the GOP so opposed to the proposed campaign finance reform? Simple! It is much easier to take bribes than to work for one’s constituents. Maybe we should get back to blaming the problem, instead of God.

Hank Shiver, Mission