LETTER: Looking for unity

Far from historical timelines the realism of separatism appears to have been an indelible credence. Bureaucracy has fabricated our social design, but individuality accounts for fruition and sustainability. The thought of man’s determination to wedge barriers based on race, creed and religion is mentally consuming! Liked striped animals exhibit more harmony.

The beauty of life is a privilege that rests upon divinity’s spark of inception. Why do corruption, racism and status-quo perpetuate media buoyancy? Man’s validity of intellectual prowess prompts scrutiny as our actions in coexisting are overshadowed by depleted political dialogue! Relative to animals in the wild, this is a detachment from social harmonious integrity.

The United States’ politically correct jargon is trumpet blowing for unity as society’s anthem. Prepared to fight as one species for unity, mankind must extinguish the torches that have lit the hallways of separatism and follow our spirit that lights the corridors of healthy living.

Dennis Walter Smith Sr., Seneca Falls, N.Y.