LETTER: Make ERCOT all Texan body

ERCOT has been exposed as a group, including many non-Texans, who are paid huge amounts of money to manage our electric grid. The managing director of this group is paid more than $888,000 per year. ERCOT executives’ average salaries exceed $215,000 per year and members of the board of directors (numbering 16) are paid $195,000 per year.

Many board members do not live in Texas. Sally Talberg, chairman of the board, resides in Michigan and Peter Crampton, vice chairman of the board, lives in Maryland.

In their efforts to keep Texas energy independent and avoid importing electricity our legislators have managed to export millions of dollars annually to the leadership of an organization that, when we counted on them the most, failed us miserably. The only Texan they could help was Jerry Jones (yes, the Dallas Cowboys Owner); he bragged about making millions on our misery! Still love them Cowboys?

As taxpayers and voters, we need to make our voices heard by the very people who created this mess, our legislators to include the governor, lieutenant governor, senators and representatives. Let them all know it is time to derail the gravy train, take the bull by the horns and put some real Texans in charge of Texas energy production. Write or email your elected government officials. As you know, many of them are “hard of hearing,” so make your voices heard loud and clear!

Jerry Davis, McAllen

Editor’s note: The five non-Texan ERCOT board members, including Talberg and Crampton, resigned Feb. 23.