LETTER: Trump, GOP questioned

The first time Donald Trump was impeached, those who acquitted him seemed to be wearing blinders. They couldn’t see the wrong he was accused of. They were warned that acquitting him would embolden him to do it again! And he did! This time more egregiously!

Had they found him guilty the first time, the infamy of Jan. 6 never would’ve happened. So, want to blame someone? There it is.

Trump was impeached a second time. This time for inciting the above-mentioned infamy. In spite of the overwhelming evidence presented by Democrats, he was acquitted again by Republicans who seemed to have been blindfolded, their ears plugged, and their heads in the sand.

Lindsey Graham, for example, didn’t blame Trump for anything. He blamed those who were trying to protect him, the Capitol police. “They were not prepared,” he said. “They should have used deadly force against the rioters.”

Is he suggesting that he would’ve been happier if the number of people who died were in the hundreds instead of just five?

Graham once said that Trump was a kook. So, who’s kookier? The rioters or Graham, who is a sorry excuse for a Republican congressman?

Trump’s lawyers claimed that saying “fight like hell” didn’t incite the riot. Well, if a school coach tells his football team to “fight like hell,” of course he’s not telling them to attack the referees and trash the football field. But if a deranged president tells a bunch of hoodlums who are armed to their teeth and prepared for a fight, that the election was stolen and to go “fight like hell,” what do you think goes through their feeble little minds?

“You can’t incite what’s already going to happen,” the defense lawyers said. True, but you can, as the Donald did, light the fire and pour gasoline on it.

Even though Trump was acquitted a second time, those who acquitted him know he’s guilty as hell. But don’t take it from me, take it from Moscow Mitch McConnell. He told us Trump was guilty, but he voted to acquit him anyway. So, go figure.

Let’s assume these mobsters didn’t understand or didn’t hear what Trump was telling them. Let’s assume Trump told them to drop their weapons and march to the Capitol peacefully. And let’s assume that those who stormed the Capitol, destroyed government property and looked to shoot Nancy Pelosi and hang Mike Pence, were not his supporters. Why then would he thank them and tell them he loved them and that they were great patriots and to go home in peace?

Why, when he was watching the dangerous riot unfold on TV, didn’t he hurry to do something about it? Why didn’t he call in his stormtroopers to help quell the riot? Why didn’t he activate the National Guard? He didn’t say or do anything! He did, some say, gleefully enjoy it!

In his deranged little mind, why would he do anything about it? It would only defeat what he wanted to accomplish, which was to stop the peaceful transition of power so that he could stay in power. Are Graham, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the other 40 senators who voted to acquit him disappointed that Trump didn’t succeed? If so, I can only wonder: What the hell’s going on here? Who are these people?

Italo J. Zarate, Brownsville