LETTER: Integrity needed from our officials

A shameful collage of our government’s hierarchy has ascended to global centerfold status. It appears not as a picture of inspiring hope, but as a canvas of eclectic despair.

In spite of COVID-19’s death storm around the globe some at helm’s reign prioritize enthusiasm for personal gain and status protection! In recent weeks we’ve witnessed unbelievable defaults of integrity and blatant cowardice within the cavalry of public office and millions around the world are stunned to the core.

The allegations surrounding the New York governor, if true, could stand as the epitome of political foulness as it preys on the health and welfare of our beloved elderly. The precious family-of-old who have struggled with blood, sweat and tears for our today’s liberties could possibly have been mocked and put in direct harm’s way of COVID191 The very thought of possible impropriety relative to taking advantage of the elderly is a visceral sickness likened to a cancerous character.

The prevalence of scrutiny in officers of government must subside and the dominance of integrity be the halo crown. We the people want and deserve profound leadership focused on compassion for public service, not office disgrace.

Dennis Walter Smith Sr., Seneca Falls, N.Y.