LETTER: Don’t blame all for acts of few

I agree with Mr. Hank Shiver’s letter that President Trump’s supporters are “too far gone” to be reprogrammed (Feb. 15). This is probably very true.

Personally, I don’t think anyone will ever convince me that it is totally acceptable to kill babies in the womb or even after birth if desired. I also don’t think anyone will ever convince me that I need to register and/or give up any firearms I might have. Likewise, my freedom of speech is something that has been available to me for the past 82 years. Why should I have to give it up now if I don’t agree with what you are saying or selling!

Talking point freedoms, for sure, but freedoms seemingly gone or on the way out. Keep counting! Maybe we’re not the ones who need to be reprogrammed in order to keep the freedoms we have and are in danger of losing.

I have never started a riot, never been involved in a riot, nor do I plan to ever organize one. It seems the all-powerful anti-Trumpers are, for the most part, painting some 75 million American citizens who voted for President Trump as basically not being fit to live, work or be entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in these, our United States of America.

The Jan. 6 riot was a horrible attack on our nation’s Capitol, but the entirety of President Trump’s supporters was not responsible for it. We, in mass, are not any more responsible for it than are all Democrats responsible for the riots, destruction and deaths that occurred during the past six to eight months of rioting in California, Oregon and Washington state and in primarily Democratically controlled cities around the United States.

Melvin L. Thompson