LETTERS: Are Republicans afraid of Trump?

I hear that the Republican senators do not want to convict Donald John Trump for the high crimes witnessed by millions on Jan. 6. Is this because the Republicans are either ignorant or stupid, or is it that they are all afraid of Trumpty Dumpty?

I am thankful that the Republicans in the Senate are afraid of Trumpty Dumpty. This is because I am an American who sees Trump allies like South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham for what they are: heads of a party that is going down the drain, lying like their leader Donald J. Trump.

I have a Republican relative who is the head of the department of agriculture in New Hampshire. I admire him and know that he is disturbed by the acceptance of the Trump sedition, involving Trump as the ringleader.

David F. Jasper

Hollis, N.H.

Build memories, not rocket ships


I read an article in the newspaper that said SpaceX was taking our fishing spot away. Yes, and not only that. I am 71 years old and I have a lot of memories with my grandparents, my parents, brothers, sisters, my wife and children. I would like to build more memories with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Yes, we did fish, cook out, swim, play and enjoy a day at Boca Chica Beach.

We cannot afford to build a spaceship. The only thing we can afford is to pay our taxes, but we can build memories with our loved ones. Time flies, money talks. The city of Brownsville is being ruled by money.

We should rename Boca Chica Beach to Boca Cerrada Beach. Drilling is just another way to keep us out. Who is paying the sheriffs to keep us out?

Sergio J. Garcia


Inauguration stirs emotions


After President-elect Biden said, “I gave my best to you,” swore the Constitution’s oath of office and was announced as president of the United States, as promised I sat on my RV’s horn for a minute. But my neighbor, a Sul Ross University police officer, knocked on the door. She was worried something was wrong and I needed help.

 No, Biden’s been inaugurated,” I said, emotionally sharing my promise with her. “It was 30 seconds after his election was announced by the media and 1 minute once officially sworn-in. I’ll be taking down my small, outdoor Biden lawn sign in a few minutes when the ceremony is completed, now that I’m assured that Trump’s no longer president! The bumper sticker on the rear tire cover of the RAV4 remains in-place.”

Have you stopped crying and sobbing yet? Not me, before or after Amazing Grace.

Barry Abraham Zavah