LETTERS: Remove Trump, perks of office

We have never seen before, in our entire 240 years-plus history as a free nation, an attempted coup by a sitting president of the United States. His actions clearly show what he did and why. The mob under his control attempted a coup d’état. Some were ready to arrest members of Congress. Some were ready to steal the ballots. Some had explosives and many had weapons and were calling for the death of Vice President Mike Pence and others. All were angered and wanted to subvert our Constitution and invalidate the votes of millions of Americans because of the lies and encouragement of our president.

This cannot go unchecked. This cannot go unpunished. These are acts of treason and sedition.

This traitor who sits in the Oval Office should not and cannot be allowed to remain one minute longer. He cannot be allowed to leave office with the lifetime title of “Mr. President.” He cannot, at all our expense, be allowed to be protected for life by the Secret Service. He cannot, at our expense, enjoy the travel expense allotment or pension given to ex-presidents. He cannot be allowed any of these dignities after he has defiled himself and every American who ever lived.

I ask our Congress members to please have the courage and wisdom to do the right thing and speak out on this. Defend themselves, defend every American and restore the honor to America and the office of president by pushing through and voting for the impeachment of this person, Donald J. Trump.

There is no embarrassment in impeaching and removing Trump from office. There is, however, embarrassment to every citizen if we do not.

Jesse Dorsett Hemet, Calif