LETTERS: Serious charges, Writer bashed, Why does Trump need donations?

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Serious charges

Two separate groups of everyday Americans, fulfilling their civic duty by serving on a grand jury, have now issued two separate indictments of Donald Trump for his efforts to overturn the will of voters, even after he knew he’d lost the 2020 election. These are the most serious indictments thus far because they deal with a conspiracy to overturn the foundation of our democracy: the vote of the American people.

There can be no more serious crime than a conspiracy to overturn the foundation of our democracy itself. It’s shameful how many MAGA Republicans are now rushing to defend Trump instead of standing up for our democracy and our freedom to vote. Many of them are trying to rewrite history, so it’s important to understand what Trump is accused of and why it matters.

Former President Donald Trump speaks at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., June 13, 2023. (Andrew Harnik/AP File Photo)

According to both indictments, Trump deliberately lied about voter fraud and pressured local officials, like the Georgia secretary of state, to illegally overturn election results and manufacture fake slates of electors. When Vice President Mike Pence refused to toss out the legitimate results and count fake electoral votes, Trump incited an attack on our Capitol in a last-ditch attempt to stop the certification of the election and cling to power.

These are serious charges. Our elected leaders of all parties must allow the trials to unfold without political interference and let a jury of everyday Americans do their job. No one is above the law, and Trump should be treated like everyone else and held accountable for his crimes against our country.

Rita Alaniz


Writer bashed

Just a few comments in response to Louise Butler’s commentary, “Free speech has limits” (Aug. 18).

What at first appears to be a scholarly analysis of the limits of free speech quickly turns into a vile and predictable smear job aimed at former President Trump and his supporters.

The writer begins by using a ridiculous example of someone accusing a neighbor of being a pedophile without evidence. It is truly ironic that the writer would use an example very similar to the “tried and true” Democrat tactic of labeling Trump and all his supporters as racists, fascists and insurrectionists without credible evidence. Thinking makes it so!

The writer goes on to state that freedom of speech does not protect one from spreading lies that may produce harm to others, our Constitution or our nation.

Sadly, the writer is just another run- of- the- mill Trump hater who uses fanciful language to disguise her pathological hatred for other human beings based solely on their political affiliation.

Ben Castillo


Former President Donald Trump speaks during the Pray Vote Stand Summit, Friday, Sept. 15, 2023,, in Washington. (Jose Luis Magana/AP Photo)
Why does Trump need donations?

I’m confused. While seeing a broadcast of a rally for Donald Trump’s election, he made a comment I could not believe. He asked his supporters if they could make a donation to help him with the legal fees to his lawyers to help him with the indictments he is facing.

Wait a minute — is this not the same man who boasted of being a billionaire? So then, why does a billionaire, as he has claimed to be many times, ask his followers for money?

Only two reasons can be behind his asking for funds. He lied about being a billionaire, or his followers are really dense. And the more surprising part — People actually donated money. I could not believe it.

But like they say, you can’t teach stupid.

Abel R. Moreno


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