LETTERS: Media bashed, Ineligible for office

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Media bashed

What has happened to the news media? I remember, not long ago, we watched Walter Cronkite on CBS or Peter Jennings on NBC for the national news and then our local news. We could also read the news daily in our local paper. Back then there seemed to be well-rounded reporting of what was going on locally, in the nation and in the world at large. Not anymore! and

Today, it seems, we have a very controlled “free press.” The press has free reign over news reporting and one would be hard-pressed to find much written to support any conservative or Republican viewpoints. The AP, Bloomberg News, the Dallas, Fort Worth, Los Angeles and New York newspapers, from which our local newspaper draws heavily, seem to openly slant conservative views and news in a negative light much like most broadcast media. It would appear that investigative journalism isn’t being taught in journalism classes anymore and today’s journalists just know how to read and opine, not investigate. They control the narrative and they read only what they want the public at large to know. Nothing more.

Former U.S President Donald Trump speaks at a border security briefing at the Texas DPS Weslaco Regional Office on Wednesday, June 30, 2021, in Weslaco. (Joel Martinez | The Monitor)

An example is currently taking place in Congress. During Donald Trump’s term in office the Democratic Congress held innumerable hearings on him personally, his family and many of his close associates. We have seen and read about these almost every day for more than six years. For several months, the Republican Congress has conducted hearings involving Hunter Biden and the Biden family’s business dealings that were obtained from Hunter’s laptop. The same laptop the FBI and Department of Justice has had for more than five years and sloughed off as misinformation.

Why are these hearings not in the news daily like they were for Trump? To me, these hearings are more of a national concern than The Monitor’s front-page article on Barbie on July 22. Again, Trump bad, Biden good. Very selective reporting.

Melvin L. Thompson


Ineligible for office

According to The Atlantic magazine, prominent conservative legal scholars argue the 14th Amendment of the Constitution prevents an insurrectionist to participate in an election to the presidency. Period.

Donald Trump did just that on Jan. 6, 2021. All the world knows that fact. Republicans are adamant to believe that that was not treason committed by the losing president. That’s everyone’s problem because the nation is bitterly divided.

Trump may very well win the nomination. Joe Biden has brought this country out of misery that Trump caused.

It would take 1,000 words to describe all of his failures and causes to those failures. Sadly, Republicans know all that and yet they wish to take this country down the gutter. That may well happen if Mr. Trump would get back in the White House. God help us.

Former President Donald Trump arrives to speak at Mar-a-lago on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2022, in Palm Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

But Democrats in America, a majority, will prevent America from falling in the manipulative snare of Trump and his allies. We will deny being led into the abyss of totalitarianism like China or North Korea come 2024.

It’s unfathomable to see Americans on the right vote for a four-time indicted loser who betrayed our Constitution and may end up in prison.

What a shame. And even more heartbreaking is they may still vote for Trump if he’s in prison. How bewitched they are.

Oscar Garza


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