LETTERS: Who is Wagner?

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What kind of sweet deal did Putin give the Wagner private army leader to back off? Share power, money, have control over southern districts in Russia?

Russia’s history of leadership control of power is brutal; if there is a threat to the leadership, the threat is to leave Russia, get executed, be suddenly killed or poisoned, most recently by radiation poisoning.

The deal Putin gave him is a sign of things to come for him. He will disappear, be killed or be poisoned. There is no other way out for him. He became a threat to the Russian leadership.

Why was the Wagner leader so upset with Putin to march toward Moscow to remove Putin from power? He could have done it; he had the troops behind him and the Russian population supporting the Wagner leader.

The odds of Wagner achieving his goal was very high to begin with. The question is, what did Putin offer him or threaten him to make him back off so quickly, within hours? Was this a Putin-staged scenario to show that he is in control in Russia? Maybe or maybe not. It may be that the Wagner leader got so cocky and felt invincible because he found weakness in Putin’s leadership.

What does Wagner want? Wagner wants to use more force so Ukraine can submit to Russia, even if it means total destruction of Ukraine.

Who is this Wagner leader? He is a career criminal, spent 12 years in prison for a series of crimes that involve armed robbery, became a cook after serving time, created a private army and named it Wagner with the backing of Putin. He used criminals to fight the wars with no real intention of freedom. Either they fight to their death or be killed by his troops. He is on videotape with one convict who refused to fight; he smashed his head with a hammer for refusing his orders.

If the Wagner leader replaces Putin, we will have a worse problem with Russia. And a possible world nuclear war once Wagner’s hands have the nuclear code to launch the nuclear warheads toward the USA.

There is no win-win in this scenario.

Rafael Madrigal


Respect women

I’m born and raised in Pharr for 69 years and I’ve never seen my city come out in the newspapers and TV news for negative but true reports!

I just read that the current city commission approved a $400,000 (Pharr residents’ tax money) settlement with a former and excellent city attorney, Patricia A. Rigney, who was terminated for “non-disciplinary reasons,” meaning she was doing a great job.

Meanwhile, former Deputy City Manager Edward Wylie, who retired after he was accused of sexual harassment, was given a big contract to be a consultant, but they don’t want our residents and this fine newspaper to see this big time agreement!

Does Wylie have something on the current commission? Does he have something on the current city hall big shots who make a ton of dinero?

I as a taxpayer and three-generation Pharr resident want to know what’s going on with these people!

I respect women because I have six sisters and a beautiful daughter, and they should not be mistreated by any man!

My fellow Pharr citizens, write letters or call city hall or vote out the commission to let them know that they need to grow up and respect our lovely women.

Respect our mujeres!

Ricardo Rosales


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