Letters: Republicans draw defense

This is my response to Bill Williams’ letter to the editor dated May 1.

He said: “Now the Republicans want a dictator to rule in America — what a revolting idea! They want to control our elections, putting in office whomever they want and controlling our daily lives.”

Mr. Williams is on the right track, but he has the wrong political party and the wrong person to blame for creating a dictator-style government. We have that today.

Yes, we are rapidly becoming a totalitarian-style government with the state dictating how we will live. President Biden, his handlers and the DeepState have been weeding out conservative military patriots. He doesn’t want them in our military. He even forced our government employees including our military to get the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, which was not FDA approved, and which is now said to be not effective and causes harm to a great many people. Those who refused were kicked out of government, including our military.

And no, President Trump did not attempt to overthrow our government on Jan. 6, 2021. All he was asking in the protest was that the states whose elections appeared to be rigged not be able to cast their Electoral College votes until those issues could be resolved. If they couldn’t be resolved they could not vote. Seems reasonable to me, regardless of the political party it would impact.

Nope, I am not a Republican. I am an Independent. I vote for the person I think can do the best job to maintain the America that our Founding Fathers intended us to be.

Darrell Williams Sr.



to Musk

I see finally a group is standing up to Elon Musk. He has claimed one of the areas long used by Texans for recreation, BocaChicaBeach. His complex restricts fishing and other family outings.

I spent 20 winters in Texas and used that area many times for fishing and shelling.

Donald Fennie

Colfax, Wis.


draw attack

Can someone please tell me what Joe Biden has done for this country in his 50-some years at the public trough? Just name one positive thing is all I ask.

All I hear and read about is hate for Donald Trump. I have disagreed with the leadership of our country many times but was never ashamed of the leadership until Barack Obama and then Biden took over. Biden and Kamala Harris have made the USA the laughingstock of the entire world. They have almost the entire news media in their hip pocket. Those two can’t put a complete sentence together between them.

If President Trump was our chief executive now, our borders would be secure, gas would be under $2, this transgender nonsense would not exist, we would be still be energy independent, the IRS would not be the Gestapo, Biden would be in a nursing home, Harris would be in a mental institution, and Vladimir Putin would not be in the attacking the Ukraine.

I read the newspaper article warning us about brownouts this summer. Yea Biden, let’s go green. Unplug your electric vehicles for the summer.

I wonder how anyone in this formally great country can vote for a Democrat. Socialism doesn’t work, people! Look at Venezuela. I am proud to wear my Trump for 2024 cap.

Dan Elkins


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