Letters: County blasted

Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez has gone and fired off another letter, this time inviting the Disney Corp. to move to HidalgoCounty. Of course, this invitation would eventually lead to tax incentives for Disney such as tax abatements to entice this company to move to the RGV.

Just like the other dozens of businesses and car dealerships that currently enjoy these tax abatements with homeowners of Hidalgo County forced to bear the brunt of the spending blunders of Hidalgo County such as the county courthouse that is at last estimate $12 million over budget and growing monthly with HidalgoCounty recently hiring a firm to evaluate water damage and structural issues with the new courthouse all at taxpayer expense, more waste.

But we must remember that our county leaders don’t write checks from their accounts, they spend taxpayer dollars, while they enjoy all the perks of county employment that include salaries north of $100,000, not including auto, phone and insurance benefits.

A recent news report highlighted homeowners in HidalgoCounty in distress with inflation that has also driven up the cost of homeownership. One property owner in the news report saw his home go up in value from $243,000 to $313,000, a $70,000 increase, causing his house payment to increase several hundred dollars since his taxes are tied to his monthly payment in the form of escrow.

Hidalgo County is currently mailing out new home appraisals also known as tax increases, so if you own a home in Hidalgo County get ready and don’t expect any relief from your elected Democrat county representatives as they are all in lockstep with the Democratic Party, ignoring taxpayers’ misery and offering no relief during this period of historic inflation created by Joe Biden’s economic failures.

I have spoken to realtors and bankers in HidalgoCounty and they are in agreement that this yearly taxation is unsustainable and that HidalgoCounty needs to do the same belt tightening that we all have had to do during this time of unprecedented inflation.

Meanwhile, here in Hidalgo County, Judge Cortez is only interested in growing the county on the backs of the homeowners, whom I refer to as the “cash cows” for the money needed to sustain the spending addiction our county leaders have.

Jake Longoria


Supreme Court

needs supervision

The recent news about Clarence Thomas’ financial entanglements with GOP mega-donor Harlan Crow should be alarming to every American. This is what happens when the highest court in the land is given free rein to police itself. Clarence Thomas isn’t the first justice to engage in unethical behavior. And if Congress continues to ignore the need for a Supreme Court code of ethics, he won’t be the last.

Of the nine justices currently on the bench, four have been called out for unethical behavior and connections in the past year. Neil Gorsuch sold property to the head of a law firm with cases in front of the Supreme Court. Samuel Alito dined with anti-abortion activists and allegedly leaked decisions on reproductive health. John Roberts’ wife has earned millions of dollars from law firms with business before the Supreme Court.

Congress has a constitutional duty to act as a check on the Supreme Court and restore faith in our judicial system. It’s time they act and pass a Supreme Court code of ethics.

Delia Perez


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