Letters: Letter blasted

The letter of April 19 from a leftist, safety-net fanatic, predictably deflects “stupidity” from their own base against the Trump administration.

Their own current, self-created “stupidity” is on full display when they keep blaming Donald Trump for what is fully their own clueless, disastrous leaders’ disregard for honor and democracy, only for the sake of satisfying their money-hungry addictions for themselves and their equally hungry family members.

The writer audaciously equates democracy with the massive abuse of freedom, i.e., COVID-19 shutdowns, unmatched high inflation, selective redistributions to the workless, union-mandated school curriculums with taxpayers’ money, toxic disasters, open borders, sexualization and enslavement of unaccompanied children, pornography in schools, media truth suppression, citizen surveillance, daily misinformation, influence peddling with adversarial counties, Jan. 6 “insurrection,” even if none of the jailed participants were charged with “insurrection” (FBI Director Christopher Wray announced it was a demonstration that went out of control, but did not meet the criteria of “insurrection”).

These liberals never acknowledge persecutions of anyone who opposes their Marxist socialism. They falsely portray themselves as lovers of democracy for vote-acquisition purposes. Nice try! This is their inverted Marxist playbook of autocracy.

Patriotic Americans know the real definition of freedom and democracy, the liberals just falsely claim it to keep misinforming uninformed voters. Citizens are smarter than the left thinks. The left’s addiction to chronic, ongoing, workless government dependency is their secret free ride at the expense of working people’s money. That’s the euphemism they ridiculously call “progressive.” Again, nice try!

Their personal gain prevails over the suffering of the working taxpayers of America who are forced to ultimately pay for their anarchy-type, government’s vote-banking dictatorships.

If they call that democracy, they will stop at nothing, including selling out their own country to keep their personal safety nets.

They fawn over communist countries, whine and demonstrate, but remain in America to keep sucking up all the safety nets until they run dry.

Heavenly intervention for the truth and justice for all is urgently needed in America at this point in time.

Imelda Coronado



by edict

What will Washington, D.C., look like 50-75 years from now? Historians of Rome’s transition from democracy to autocracy provide us with a template.

In the first place, the task of lawmaking was quickly transferred out of the hands of the Roman Senate and into the hands of the emperor. After Julius Caesar’s handpicked successor Augustus, legislative enactments were “very rare,” and within a few decades became non-existent.

The Caesars became legislators-in-chief by publishing “edicts,” and served as chief justices when they announced judicial decisions, or “decretals.”

Will our first American Caesar come from the far right or the far left?

It really doesn’t matter because our great-great-grandchildren will have to learn to live without electoral representation in any case.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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