LETTERS: Property taxes draw comment

The Texas Senate is working on reducing taxes on home and business owners. Taxpayers feel tied to an annual mortgage payment or lose their property. As property taxes increase, homeowners who are not able to pay will lose their property.

Property taxes increase by schedule every several when our property values increase. By overpricing our property, they get more money to compensate for their overspending.

Property owners are being targeted as the purse to bail cities out.

It is not fair to buy something that will never belong to you, and it is getting harder for homeowners to pay their periodic increase in property taxes that feels like a mortgage payment.

Greg Abbott promised to do it and he is good on his promise. Our Texas Senate is working on that as we speak.

I see a great relief for all property owners coming our way.

Rafael Madrigal


Too focused

on the border

As a concerned citizen who strongly believes in the values of family and treating others with respect, I am deeply troubled by the recent news that House Republicans have held nine consecutive hearings on the border. While it is important to address issues surrounding immigration, the fact that the Republicans have only focused on this one issue for such an extended period of time raises serious questions about their motives.

What defines us in this country is what we do for our families and how we treat others. Yet, it seems that the Republican Party is being led by a fascist faction that is using divisive tactics to distract us from the real issues. They have used their committees to amplify white nationalist conspiracy theories and have elevated witnesses with deep ties to hate groups.

Last week, Reps. Mike Kelly and Marjorie Taylor Greene employed the white nationalist “invasion” conspiracy, which has been tied to multiple domestic terrorist attacks over the past several years. And, they invited Center for Immigration Studies Fellow Andrew Arthur and Border Patrol union president Brandon Judd to testify. CIS, founded by white nationalist John Tanton, has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. As USA Today documented last year, Judd spreads the white supremacist “great replacement” conspiracy theory.

We cannot let this stand. We need to come together as a country and demand that our leaders address the real issues facing our nation, rather than using hateful rhetoric to further their own political agendas.

John-Michael Torres


Real threat

from aliens

It seems in the past five years there has much concern about the threat of illegal aliens, from different places, invading the United States.

To further make us aware of this danger the History Channel has televised several programs that alert us to the possibility of being abducted by these illegal aliens and later returned to earth.

In an effort help us reduce the possibility of being a victim of these aliens a company named Northern Sun has created a bumper sticker to make us more aware of this problem:

“Buckle Up: It makes it harder for the aliens to suck you out of your car.” This seems like good advice, although I am not aware of any statistics to prove the effectiveness of this tactic. I have them on my car and so far have not been abducted.

Bill Ronecker


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