Letters: History repeats

“History repeats itself.” I’ve heard that statement many times, and it resonates more when we see it play live in our time.

This political agitator spoke against his government in the 1920s, was put in prison for inciting violence against the government, wrote a book in prison and became popular. Politicians felt intimidated by him.

He was elected to office, took firearms from gun owners, promised to make his country great again. He made some improvements, world leaders praised him for it, even members of the royal family in England.

Then he destroyed that nation by his own greed in World War II.

I see a spark on the horizon trying to ignite that hate again.

Rafael Madrigal


Blame Fauci,

not Sen. Cruz

Regarding a letter of March 23 bashing Sen. Ted Cruz instead of Dr. Anthony Fauci, I would suggest reading the New York Times best seller The Real Anthony Fauci. It was enlightening and alarming, authored by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (his father was attorney general in the ’60s).

You can read what Fauci did to sabotage safe treatment of AIDS.

Later in early 2000 he partnered with Bill Gates for controlling vaccines (guess who profited greatly?) If you are truly concerned about his major role in COVID-19, I urge you to read this book.

One needs to look at the handling of the pandemic and medical treatments from another point of view.

Marcia Raley




America is becoming the laughingstock poster country of the world! Nashville, Tenn., is the latest site of our children getting murdered by assault weapons. This murderous site coming on the heels of the Uvalde murder of 19 of our precious children and two of their teachers.

In Uvalde, one doctor who was called to help with the carnage reported that one of the girls was shot in the throat and her head was separated from her body. What a gruesome picture this has made on my mind.

Why in the world does America allow assault weapons in the hands of its citizens? Why bring these children into this world and present them to such hideous attacks? What is wrong with our gutless, non-Christian politicians who gleefully advocate for these assault weapons? Are tanks and grenades next in line for America?

My wife and I have five children, 13 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter whom we love dearly. We talk of them daily and these reports of children murdered, maimed and suffering from assault weapons almost made us sick to our stomach.

I have a solution: Bring back the ban on the assault weapons of all kinds! While we are doing this, vote all those who love assault weapons out of office!

Bill Williams



made for mayor

The city of Pharr is in need of a full time mayor. The mayor and commissioners need to let the citizens of Pharr know what they are doing. Too many things fall through the cracks when the boss (mayor) is not on the job site.

The citizens don’t know where the thousand-dollar cookies went. The ambulance disaster. City own internet? Will it pay off?

If not for the Pharr bridge the city would be in the red?

We need more oversight. We need a full-time mayor. Vote for Andy Harvey for mayor for the city of Pharr.

Jose Garcia


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