Letters: Political prostitution

Has anyone noticed that CNN is getting a little foxy, like Fox News? They are leaning way right; they’re criticizing the president, especially that Jake Tapper. Jake Tapper thinks he’s another Walter Cronkite, not even close.

They are making such a big deal about these balloons. They want to know within 24 hours who sent them, who made them, what they found, is there any DNA found, the name of the first born of the scientist that made it. You know they are things that have to be kept secret, and I don’t mind not knowing everything.

They criticize the president because he didn’t shoot it down fast enough and when they shoot another one down fast, they criticize him because he shot it down too fast. It’s all politics.

Speaking of politics, what we have now is political prostitution. Prostitution is the act of someone giving money to others for favors, for years. We have made fun of Mexico and the so-called mordidas (bribes). Yet here in the United States, the lobbyists do the same thing; they give the politicians money under the table, sometimes over the table, but they’re not ashamed of that, they don’t care anymore.

All these shootings, 48 mass shootings since the start of this year and probably more by the time you read this. That’s more than one a day, and yet they do things like we’re going to do backgrounds checks.

Don’t check their backgrounds, take away those darn machine guns. Nobody needs to have an M-16; you can have a regular rifle, and if you just like shooting them, go to a shooting range and rent one and you can shoot all you want. But there’s no reason to have one at home and have a sick person pick it up and go shoot people.

How many more lives will it take? We need to stop and put limits on people serving in the Congress. They shouldn’t make a career out of it because they are more concerned about getting voted back in than doing good things for their constituents.

Having a granddaughter who is going to away to college next year makes me nervous. Just to think that she’s in any kind of danger of some crazy nut going in there and shooting up their university!

When will this all stop? The sad thing is that the politicians are more interested in knowing about the balloons than the mass shooting that is happening right now!

Rick Ruenes




I read in your newspaper on Feb. 23 that Joe Biden is considering offshore windmills in the Gulf of Mexico off the Galveston and Lake Charles, La., coast.

Have you ever driven to the Island or up the coast from there toward Corpus Christi? I do both regularly and note that only around 20% of the power windmills are in use. The rest are just sitting dormant and not in use. Are all of these windmills damaged and in need of repair or simply not needed to supply power to the Texas grid?

Why do we need to spend more money to build more windmills while 80% of the mills we have are not in use?

Please, please, please do not allow the Biden administration to continue spending our tax money on such nonsense.

Ray Yates


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