Letters: Comments countered

Oscar Garza (“Abbott visit a waste,” Feb. 13), writes that Gov. Abbott should spend billions of surplus dollars on education, teacher pay and school security. I agree with him on that. But when he states that Abbott should “let President Biden and Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas handle their federal responsibility, which is the borders of America,” he completely loses my support.

If by “handle … the borders” he means loudly announcing that any citizen of any country is now welcomed without any restriction into the U.S., well then, I guess Biden got that right. The problem, and sad reality, is that Biden and Mayorkas have done everything but handle the border!

It has been reported that the Biden administration’s border policies have already let in more than 2 million illegal immigrants, almost double the population of Dallas or San Diego.

It seems that Biden has no plans to reduce illegal immigration, much less stop it.

With the Democrats it’s not “open borders” or “catch and release.” With Biden it’s simply “no border,” and with federal travel assistance. Take our money, please.

Oscar states that “immigrants may bring a future doctor or scientist.” Could be. But, more likely, they also may bring diseases and fentanyl. Recently I’ve seen many more news articles about illegal immigrants being thieves, rapists, murderers and gang members than “scientists.”

Sorry, Oscar, Biden and Mayorkas should be impeached because they definitely aren’t handling the borders. They owe it to the American taxpayer.

Joel Ramirez




It’s my opinion and strong belief that if Donald Trump wins this time around, which is a remote possibility even to be nominated, the result would be total chaos both politically and economically for this nation, as we all witnessed his wish for total forceful takeover of the two other branches of government and even Mike Pence refused to accept it.

I may remind some writers to this newspaper and their fellow Republicans that this country would be headed to Venezuelan-style dictatorship by now if Trump had his wish, because what else could we expect when he wants to be like Vladimir Putin, in office for life? Isn’t that clear as water?

And still people put Mr. Trump on a high pedestal as if he ever looked down toward them rather than the top 1% earners? Give yourself a break, please.

President Joe Biden has, against all odds in Congress, accomplished for middle America even more than presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, who were also true patriots, for all Americans.

But the good news is that Trump’s influence is in rapid decline. And all his dozen or more minions just might go to prison. Trump may see the world from a different small enclosure when the justice is finally done. Who knows?

Under President Biden our country is headed on the right path, election deniers and extreme rightists aside, but every person in America will not be left out of the American dream. Trump is being laughed at by the entire world politic.

Slowly but surely Mr. Biden has lead in restoring the world supply chain back to normal. That is world leadership. Liars will not prevail. God bless America.

Oscar Garza


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