Letters: Paxton blasted

On Feb. 21 you printed an editorial from the Austin American-Statesman concerning our conniving Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is trying to get the legislators to fund the bill for his wrongdoings in office.

Can’t this guy ever grow up and own up to his wayward ways and accept responsibility for anything? One would think he is still in grammar school by his behavior; $3.3 million is a lot of money to us hardworking stiffs who are asked to pay this settlement! This isn’t all we are asked to pay; the high-priced lawyers have been paid $400,000 to defend him in other misjudgments.

Why can’t honest people run for office and be elected? I know the reason: The Supremes have mandated that big money has the same protections spelled out in our Constitution for each citizen of America and my opinion is that just isn’t right. So folks, money buys bad politicians! Let him pay this and maybe he will learn a lesson.

Bill Williams




It is very difficult for me to comprehend that 15 years ago I undertook a tremendous challenge — to chair the Brownsville High School Class of ‘63 45th reunion. I had recently retired so I had a lot of free time.

I immediately met with my great friend and classmate, Luke Fruia, to see what he thought, and he immediately challenged to do it, but “make sure it was the best!” I contacted 30 of our local graduates and formed a committee. Talk about a hard-working group.

On June 27-29, 2008, 237 Eagles participated in three days full of activities: mixer, breakfast-lunch picnic, golf tournament, visit to the BHS Museum, dinner-dance and Sunday brunch.

Nine of our teachers joined us, much to our delight.

I, the chairperson, had never anticipated the amount of time, effort and hard work that was required, but thanks to a super committee we accomplished our goal. However, one year of commitment was enough for me. But fortunately, three classmates decided to tackle the challenge — Ernesto and Elena Garcia and Steve Tullos. Our 50th was a total success even though the committee was getting smaller for various reasons.

Steve actually was brave enough to take on the chore for our 55th reunion and that proved to be just as successful. And guess what? Steve decided he had done so well that he insisted on taking over the chairmanship for our 60th! Thanks, Steve!

On April 29-30, Steve and his Magnificent 7 on the committee will afford us the opportunity to celebrate our 60th. Our dinner dance will be at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts from 6-11 p.m. I urge all BHS Class of ‘63 members to contact Steve Tullos at 956-639-5800 or Pete Gonzales at 956-459-1574 and register for what may be our final reunion.

Let us enjoy the efforts of the Magnificent 7 and show up for a great time. Steve has made sure that the reception is held in a large enough place that will enable wheelchairs, walkers and canes to be maneuvered. This may be our last hurrah, so put on your dancing shoes and we will see you there on April 29!

Keep in mind, once an Eagle, always an Eagle! Proud Eagles we’ve always been — the Class of ‘63!”

Judi “J. Rod” Rodriguez


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