Letters: Commentary draws praise

Excellent commentary by Ms. Louise Butler on your Jan. 31 opinion page. Her intelligent assessment of the 6-year-old’s horrific and unjustifiable shooting of his teacher is very well said, and much needed in this turbulent world of today.

Early instruction at home for the respect of others and our country’s lawful rules are vital for a well-adjusted life and adulthood.

Our wonderful teachers, children and all people should never be subject to any physical or verbal abuse of any kind, be it name calling or character destruction by lies. We are a country founded on rules of respect, but also on no tolerance dismissiveness of physical abuse and emotional disrespect.

Imelda Coronado


Our courts


As others say, hoo boy. The 5th appeals court has just said crazy people have a right to carry guns! Now no one is going to be safe anywhere either in their home or at a Walmart!

In my opinion, the courts have been corrupted by politics.

Bill Williams




In his Feb. 5 column, “Mayorkas should go, but not for GOP’s reasons,” Ruben Navarrette sounds a bit racist. He claims that since Alejandro Mayorkas “is both Latino and a refugee … for House Republicans, the homeland security secretary started out with two strikes.” Is he implying that racism is the only reason they disapprove of Mayorkas? Is that the fundamental basis of his argument? Racism?

It seems that “racism” is the go-to reason/justification the Democrats use when responding to any criticism from Republicans. It’s those racist Republicans! No, we just disapprove of the way Joe and Mayorkas have handled their own border/illegal immigration disaster?

The Biden administration was handed a border situation that was under control. Some reports have stated that in a three-month period, Biden’s DHS released in the U.S. more than 1,000 illegal alien convicted criminals. Chief Border Patrol agents testified to the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability on how “Mayorkas has left them behind.”

The Biden-Mayorkas DHS had initially tried to prevent them from testifying.

Biden and Mayorkas should be impeached for their incompetence and ineptitude regarding the rampant illegal immigration. December 2022 alone saw 251,487 southwest land border migrant encounters, up from 40,565 in December 2019. Mayorkas’ refusal to complete the construction of a border wall as well as insufficient staffing has also contributed to massive amounts of fentanyl flowing into the United States.

James Woods asks, “Why are we having to negotiate with our own government to obey the law? We have laws for legal immigration. Anyone who breaks those laws or enables another person to do so should be deported or imprisoned respectively.”

No, Ruben Navarrette, it’s not the understated and indirect “racism” you suggest, it’s simply incompetence!

Joel Ramirez