Letters: Opinions opposed

On Jan. 6 you produced an excellent editorial on how “local newspapers are needed to combat misinformation.” Then, in the same edition, you turn around and print a 597-word tirade from the queen of RGV biased and divisive misinformation.

Yes, local papers are the mainstay of truth in today’s media and from my, and apparently your, experience, much of your investigation into that that truth is inspired by or in reaction to well-researched “Letters.” So why are you wasting newsprint on those mentioned above?

Ned Sheats




Well, finally we have Kevin McCarthy on the 15th vote! Can they get anything constructive done in the House this year? I know they are going to be hell-bent on trying to destroy President Biden and his Cabinet, but that is not governing and getting solutions for the problems that crop up here and abroad.

Heaven help us, because we may not be up to the challenge.

Bill Williams




It would appear that we have ignored two important people in our history, Abraham Lincoln and James Madison. They each warned us about the disaster our actions could bring about.

Lincoln warned that “A house divided against itself, can not stand,” and Madison worried about the undue influence of factions that could drive us apart. Neither could have foreseen that anyone in the government would utilize those two policies to disassemble the moral standards and basic principles of our Constitution and leave the public snapping at the heels of those who are as confused as they are as to what has created our crazy world.

Being the kindhearted people that we are, and with our tendency to be protective of the underdog, we only had to have a leader who slyly reminded us and those of other countries of our shortcomings as a nation in doing our duty toward the lesser served. We then “tucked our tails between our legs’ and “bent over backward” to reflect our acceptance of guilt.

Having noticed this vulnerability toward restitution for real or imaginary slights against others, factions began to make their cases, and instead of being satisfied with an acceptance of living their lives on a “live and let live basis,” they expanded their set of rules to include all people, and proceeded to subject all others to those changes to accommodate the faction at the expense of the standards of the majority of the established culture.

Those massive changes have brought about unsettling situations and feelings of bewilderment over the process and its conclusions. Yet, people strongly encouraged the feeling of guilt while being elusive as to its major source.

The question arises: Was this a natural result of giving too much attention to a minority group while ignoring the needs of the majority? Was too much being done to knit the variant cultures together by social emersion, or is it a means enlisted to divide and conquer — a means to bring about the hope to change the foundation and the continuation of our country’s goals?

Is this a conspiracy theory, an elusive reality, or is it at least something to think about?

Norma Christian