Letters: Restoring credibility



President Trump angered supporters by promoting $99 digital trading cards instead of announcing a bold political move. “Baked Alaska,” sentenced for Jan. 6, is kicking himself for being conned. Even Steve Bannon slammed it.

The base, long-ignoring reality, accuse detractors of “suffering Trump derangement syndrome.” “Never gave him a chance.”

“A chance”? Our parents raised us better than that. Life experience instilled seeing through contemptible grifters.

“A chance”? Wasn’t the allotment expended well before Trump announced his candidacy by teeing off on Mexicans, immigrants and Muslims? Previous venality falsely accused the Central Park Five of rape and birtherism’s racist dog whistle questioned Obama’s citizenship.

“A chance”? Doesn’t character matter? When blatantly absent — Access Hollywood tape, serial adulterous affairs, paying off a porn star, Trump University and charitable foundation frauds — what does common sense inform? A person of integrity passes his sort by.

Instigating a “stolen election-Big Lie” charade, Trump’s Jan. 6 insurrectionists sought to shred the Constitution’s rule of law-due process foundation. The harm isn’t ameliorated with cream pie on MAGA faces.

Learning the hard way is supporters’ reward. Meaningful acts of contrition would go a long way to restoring credibility.

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah


Money wanted

for solar energy

I am writing in reference to a story I heard on the news. My wife and I are retired, living in Donna. Both of us are U.S. citizens and have worked very hard all of our lives, paid our taxes and voted as required by all local requirements.

Because we have saved for our retirement and financial support during our retirement without the need to pay additional federal taxes, we are prevented from receiving any assistance for adding solar power to our home. Should we have a federal tax obligation we could receive a roughly 26% tax credit, but alas, no, we cannot.

Now I understand that Mr. Biden’s administration is positioning to send $55 million of solar panels to Africa for retribution of the slavery during the 1700s and 1800s. My family and my wife’s family have lived in this country since the early 17th century and never owned slaves. Why should we and Americans like us pay people, via the federal government, exorbitant amounts of money for something that happened hundreds of years ago?

Mr. Biden and his administration are telling us that a hard-working American cannot obtain government assistance for going to solar power in lieu of petroleum power as requested by the Biden administration; however, he is going to send $55 million of solar panels and controllers to Africa in “retribution.” This just does not seem right.

Ray Yates




Why are we supposed to forget the hypocrisy of Democrats? I wish Republicans were given the same courtesy as they get.

You print a letter, “Don’t insult Joe Biden” (Dec. 27 16), because he’s old. Come on, man, everyone who’s old isn’t the president of the United States. He’s incompetent and has all signs of dementia. I know because I took care of my mom and watched her show every sign that Joe has.

The real person who should be getting the blame for this is Jill Biden, who knows what’s happening with Joe yet sends him out to make a fool of himself and America.

Power is a terrible thing, what people do to keep it. Sacrifice your loved ones. What a sin.

Bill Rouillier