Letters: Common sense can save lives

If conservative politicians like Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton develop a lifelong passion to defend the unborn in the name of justice, how come they’re not doing the same for deceased adults for the same cause as well?

It hardly makes any sense for conservative politicians in Texas to spend our hard-earned tax dollars to try and establish laws protecting people who don’t exist, which is something those

same officeholders have been doing for so many years.

Yes, a baby in the mother’s womb will always matter. It’s a precious life that is about to see life in the world for the first time. So there really is no need for any government official to try and

pass any harsh anti-abortion laws to influence the decision of an individual, a young couple or a family in bringing a newborn baby into the world.

Remember, a woman’s decision on bearing a child into existence will have a lasting impact either for good (raising a child) or bad (getting an abortion). As for the latter of those two outcomes, the only option remaining is that it may it be marked on that person’s conscience

in the form of sadness forever.

Just like the Lord our God put a marked curse on Cain for murdering his brother Abel (Genesis 4:15), may He do the same to anyone who goes through the unthinkable act of performing an abortion anywhere in the world. Just keep in mind that each and every heinous criminal activity will never be hidden from the eyes of God.

It doesn’t take facts and figures to know that abortions can be prevented in greater numbers if the child-bearing individual practices common sense all the time.

So as an alternative to man-made laws or in lieu thereof, the use of common sense will always save a life, one child at a time.

Roberto Lopez




I was watching an actual news source this morning while they interviewed Congresswoman Mary Peltola, D-Alaska. When asked if she would be voting in favor of several inflationary spending bills coming to the floor, she responded with this: “With issues we are seeing on the southern border, we need to invest capital on our border enforcement here in Alaska. We had two Russian men that were captured after crossing the Bering Sea into our state!”

Wow! Wish that were the case here on our southern border. Ridiculous, don’t you think? But the main point I am trying to make is the lack of knowledge this congresswoman has on the causes of inflation!

Too much money chasing too few goods — economics 101! Trillions of dollars were injected into the economy when commerce literally had been shut down. No manufacturing, no imports, no shipping to speak of, and everything else we all witnessed. Nobody was going to return the free money and we didn’t!

Now here we are! The damage has been done, but we can help fix things! How? Slow down on your spending! Yes, we can do our part because I don’t see our government doing theirs!

We do not want to go into a deeper recession! Many of us will suffer dearly and honestly, our government doesn’t give a rat’s behind!

I say this because many policies were reversed to spite the former administration! Without a doubt, declaring war on fossil fuels was one of the major causes of this mess we are in! Winter is coming; let’s see how many people freeze to death worldwide.

Yes, we were an energy-exporting country before Joe Biden and now we are not! I hope you all can see this! Thank God we’re in South Texas! Student loan forgiveness anyone!

Ernest Gorena