Letters: Republicans draw attack

The FBI raided Mar-a-Largo and removed of top secret documents. I guess Donald Trump was going to have a garage sale? Maybe he was going to give them to Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-un as parting gifts?

The Trumpers of course call it a witch hunt, saying it is politically motivated! They say this has never happened to an ex-president.

I have to agree with them on the last one. We have never in our history had such a lousy president, ever!

When have you heard any president, Democrat or Republican, besides Richard Nixon, and even Nixon didn’t do 1/16th of the criminal things Trump did.

Trumpers are calling it “weaponizing of the Department of Justice,” while it was OK when Trump tried to have Hillary Clinton locked and called on the DOJ and FBI to investigate her.

One thing I’d like to say as a Democrat is thank-you to all the Trumpers who believe the 2020 election was stolen! They have tried and tried to find some evidence and have not been able to find a single clue. They have sued as many as 60 times and found absolutely nothing, nada, zero! That makes Democrats geniuses, brainiacs, criminal masterminds. To steal an election and cover it up in so well in this day and age, with so much tech in the world, wow! Democrats are something else!

Republicans out there who believe in democracy and can see through all the smoke and mirrors that the Trumpers do, let me tell you, are the remaining party of Lincoln and will have to stand up and vote against Trump and his cronies in order to get the old Republican Party back. It may be hard, but the rewards will be worth the battle.

I really don’t care if Republicans or Democrats win in all elections as long as they are for the people and not to destroy our democracy by oppressing our voters’ rights, making it harder and harder to vote, closing down voting locations and putting electors in place to overturn elections to favor their candidate.

A good example of an honest Republican is Liz Cheney; she was punished by her own party just for doing the right thing. She voted to impeach Donald Trump and was punished by being removed from her Republican post and other committees. It even cost her re-election. She has really shown courage in her righteous moves and voted for country first and party second.

We need to get rid of the Electoral College. We need to make each and every vote count and not let three or four states determine who wins elections. It should be candidate who gets the majority of the votes who wins, period!

Rick Ruenes Sr.




About 10 years ago when hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast, Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio opposed approving aid for hurricane victims. Now that hurricane Ian has devastated Florida, both of them are requesting that President Biden approve aid for Floridians. And President Biden is like, “No problem, man. You got it! We’re all in this together.”

For the world to understand the above attitudes more clearly, perhaps reading Mike Royko’s quote will help: “It’s harder to be a liberal than it is to be a conservative. Why? Because it’s easier to give someone the finger than it is to give them a helping hand.” Ouch!

Italo J. Zarate