Letter: Vision needed

In this day of information and ideas, we are lacking people with a vision of the future in leadership in Washington and in our state capitols! Without people like Presidents Kennedy, Eisenhower, FDR, Washington and Biden who have a vision for a greater America and its people we are in trouble.

Our own state of Texas should be the leader in the nation but sadly, we are at the bottom in many aspects. Our state should never have encouraged people and their businesses to come to Texas without first making sure that the roads, water and electricity were in abundant supply to maintain these services to these millions of people and their demands.

America put two men on the moon with another one orbiting, waiting for them to finish their goal and then returning back to Earth. What a vision President Kennedy had and these three men accomplished for America! President Biden has a vision for the whole earth to be free of pollutants and for its people to have clean air to breathe.

Without immigrants we would be without Tesla cars, Dragon space shots and electricity storage! An immigrant with vision.

Bill Williams