Letters: Acquittal addressed

So the verdict of not guilty was handled down in the trial of former Edinburg Mayor Ricardo Molina and some people are mad at the result. I personally don’t know the man but I respect the decision handed down by the jury of his peers.

I’ve been in politics for close to 50 years (I’m 68) and I’ve seen both the good and bad practices done to secure victory when running for office in the RGV. I ran for mayor of Pharr in 2010 and I called the state electoral commission in Austin for all the regulations needed and I spent $5,000 of my own hard-earned money and I was squashed badly, but hey, I learned a lot from the defeat.

I want to say good luck to the Molina family and to the county district attorney’s office, plus a big shout out to our fellow RGV citizens because life is too precious.

Ricardo Rosales


Trump dislike

not understood

Again, I find it necessary to reply to those who continue to use this forum to launch vicious attacks against former President Trump and his supporters.

It is beyond comprehension why/how anyone can have so much hatred and animus in their heart for others based solely on their political affiliation. Such hatred/animus borders on the pathological. Those who spew such venom on an almost weekly basis need to get a life instead of spending so much time disparaging and demonizing Trump and his supporters.

Ben Castillo


Abortion ruling

draws criticism

Judge James Wesley Hendrix’s recent opinion throwing out the Biden administration’s guidance to hospitals and doctors that required hospitals and doctors to perform abortions if a mother’s health is at risk reveals much about the mindset of the anti-abortion viewpoint. From their perspective, pregnant women — let’s just call them people carrying fetuses — are little more than vessels whose health and well-being, and even life, are subordinated to that of the fetus.

Judge Hendrix’s order says that the Biden administration’s guidance requires hospitals and doctors “to violate Texas abortion laws if their medical judgment says an abortion is required to stabilize the patient in a situation prohibited by Texas law.” As a result, he says, the guidance is an unconstitutional infringement of the state’s authority.

In other words, medical professionals must ignore their training and experience in treating fetus-bearing people in favor of the non-professional medical judgment of the members of the Texas Legislature, the vast majority of whom have no medical training at all, have never had to deal with a problem pregnancy or have even been or could ever get pregnant (since most of them are men).

Nothing could make it clearer that, for the anti-abortion crowd, once pregnant, the health, wellness and even life of the person bearing that child is of secondary importance.

And these people have the gall to call themselves “pro-life.”

Mark J. Kaswan


‘Mr. G’


Mr. Eugene “Gene” Gutierrez was a kind and noble man.

The love for God and his beloved Catholic faith. Love for family, country and community was who he was. The countless military achievements and his 30-year educational career sums it all up!

Rest in peace, Mr. G., we love you!

Mary Martinez