Letters: Inmates suffering

In the newspaper there was an article of Texas prisons having no air conditioning and concern with the deadly heat of over 100-degree temperatures (July 16). Most of the concern was the inability to get and keep workers due to the heat. However, these people go home to air conditioning while prisoners remain in hot, muggy cells. Their lives are in danger and debilitating any strength they might have to fight illness.

Prison officials’ answer to solve this problem is to provide more water and ice for the inmates and close any outdoor activities as if these are solutions.

It is stated that it will cost $1.1 billion to install air conditioning. Inmates are getting sick and many have died due to the heat.

Texas leads the nation in COVID-19 deaths of incarcerated people, mostly because Texas prisons were the last to receive COVID vaccines.

I have seen illegal immigrants flown to their American destinations and given supplies and money. There are huge protests against abortions. Billions have been given to a war in Ukraine that sees no end. Yes, the United States talks of helping the world, yet neglects its own people.

Remember it is the poor, the brown and the black people who more times than not are found guilty of crimes they did not commit and given long sentences. Statistically, Whites serve shorter sentences or are found not guilty compared to minorities, often because they have the means to hire competent attorneys.

I pray daily over this. Today as you sit in air conditioning, say a prayer for those who are sitting in hot, muggy, stinking cells. Please help them with a prayer.

Irma Barrientes Sherman




I cannot fathom the continuing attacks on women and their families by the current Texas governor and Republican-led legislature. Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and is now composed of several justices who evidently perjured themselves during their rushed nominations, we now see women’s rights further eroded through the “heartbeat” bill under our current Texas Republican dystopian rule.

Now further despicable actions have been declared by the current “under indictment” attorney general. Texas is suing the Biden administration for stating that doctors are protected by federal law to terminate a pregnancy as part of emergency treatment including for: ectopic pregnancy, hypertension and preeclampsia. And the AG’s logic for this lawsuit against the federal government is that it violates the state’s “sovereign interest in the power to create and enforce a legal code.”

The current Republican Texas administration that is vying for our votes in the upcoming November elections has declared and passed laws that condone rape, incest and bounties on our female citizenry. Now, the life of the mother in emergency situations is being outlawed because of the state’s sovereign interest. What of the sovereign interest of every girl and woman, and her right to privacy?

The point is that whether you agree with abortion or not, we can agree that rape and incest are not OK, Yes, this is the “heartbeat bill” that the present governor and current legislators have passed, and let’s not forget the bounties. Yes, bounties for knowledge of female reproductive decisions and those people who might comfort and abide her right to decide. Is this the Texas you want for your future and our communities? Hunting women for money and personal profit?

The logic is clear. Republicans are passing horrific laws that victimize and punish girls, women, their families and communities. Texans deserve better and only we, the citizens, can change the narrative and create a new outcome by voting. Vote in November and remember this horrific “heartbeat bill.”

Diane Teter




Jose C. Coronado asked if anyone could name one good thing Joe Biden has done since he has been in office.

1. The current unemployment rate stands at 3.6% compared to 6.3% under Trump.

2. Under Biden the U.S. economy has created more jobs per month than under any other president ever. Trump was the first and only U.S. president who lost more jobs than the country had when he took office — 2.9 million jobs lost.

3. Under Biden more than 14.5 million people have gained health care, compared to more than 3 million who lost their health care.

Now as far as Republicans comparing gas prices when Trump was president at $2.49 to Biden that reached more than $5 a gallon, didn’t the price of oil fall to $25 a barrel, but on his last day in office it hit $53 a barrel. In mid-July it stood at $97.59, but hit $122.27 on June 6.

So what I would like to ask is, where does any current or past U.S. president control the price of crude oil or gas prices? If Republicans are going to blast Biden for high gas prices, shouldn’t they now praise him for the price of gas coming down? Last I checked it was $3.65 a gallon in Harlingen and falling.

Also, if he has made America the laughingstock of the world, then how did he get NATO to band together to help Ukraine? All Trump did was praise Vladimir Putin. And what was his claim, that if he were president Putin would not have attacked Ukraine? Why? Because he would have delivered the military aid that he was blackmailing President Zelenskyy with, or would he have tweeted Putin to death if his account has not now.

Jesus Rodriguez