Letters: Border stance deemed ironic

Has anyone else seen the irony, perhaps hypocrisy, in Mayra Flores’ campaign ad where she tells of her family moving from Mexico to the U.S. where she could live the “American Dream,” but she is so adamant that others should not be allowed to do the same?

Gerard Pahl



to letter

Does Mr. Bill Williams have the evidence (letter of May 17) that Trump is responsible for 99% of fraudulent voting? Again, this is an example used from the far left’s playbook, blame-dumping of what they do on the conservative opposition. Is Mr. Williams watching the failing CNN and MSNBC to influence his political opinions?

While America needs real transparency, what America really needs is an effective, strong, non-vindictive, non-hating leader who stands up for Americans, their many contributions, and who appreciates their decency.

Imelda Coronado




American news reporting about the intention of Sweden and Finland to join NATO lacks historical perspective.

Without this, one naturally thinks it makes sense for them to extend their defensive capabilities by obtaining the assistance of other nations. However, democracies obtain safety from violent neighbors not by inflaming their insecurities, but by announcing friendship with all, and military alliance with none, as America did in its first 130 years.

A democracy defends itself on its own because it has tremendous natural pride and morale in its system of life, while tyrannies and monarchies are distinctly lacking in military staying power. That is exactly why Ukraine is doing so well today and Russia so poorly.

Switzerland famously avoided the horrors of last century’s World Wars by maintaining strict, but armed neutrality.

The U.S. is giving bad advice to these two countries, as it did to Ukraine. Our advice is good for war industries and politicians lagging in the polls, but bad for peace and democracy.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah



So Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has decided to take matters into his own hands by trying to re-open the case of Plyler v. Doe, a Supreme Court decision that already was etched in stone 40 years ago.

If our governor tries to revisit Plyler v. Doe just to display his never-ending love of grabbing the national spotlight to the entire world, he should consider that denying enrollment or attendance based on a child’s citizenship status will violate both Title IV and Title VI of

the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a federal law that is also etched in stone.

In other words, we don’t need our governor to act like George Wallace in an attempt to deny our younger generation an opportunity to receive a sound education regardless of citizenship status.

The days of blocking the front doors of a school building just to turn away a child’s pursuit of the American dream are long gone, Mr. Abbott.

May the state of Texas, as well as the United States, forever serve as the land of opportunity for everyone.

Roberto Lopez