Letters: Spreading suffering

Eighty-four years ago Adolf Hitler attacked Austria, which was the beginning of World War II. Now Vladimir Putin, who Trump said was smart, is spreading suffering and death among the Ukrainians.

A smart person learns from history and cares about his fellow men. And people who care about others lovingly defend them from that suffering.

Hugh Jones


Who are

the idiots?

A writer recently wrote that if you vote Democrat, you’re an idiot. In the good old U.S. of A., we’re free to vote for whomever we want and we’re free to say whatever we please. As for the consequences, if any, we own that too. Let’s just be glad we don’t live in Russia.

A majority of Americans voted for Joe Biden because they believed he was a better candidate. Donald Trump, to Democrats, was a corrupt con artist whose lies flowed like sewage into a pristine lake. His demeanor was unpresidential and childish, like that of a disgruntled 4-year-old. He demonstrated his admiration for foreign dictators and he flaunted his disregard for democracy and the rule of law.

Seventy-three million Americans voted for this guy and many more millions wondered why. Was it because they believed the disinformation fed to them by the right-wing media? Was it simply a matter of being uninformed? Some folks admit they don’t read newspapers, nor do they listen to the news or watch TV. So, it’s no surprise that some folks are not well informed. Is it possible that these folks voted for Trump only because he was a Republican or because he was a billionaire, so he must be good?

This, however, does not explain why “Lousy” Lindsey Graham, “Lying” Ted Cruz and “Little” Marco Rubio voted for the Donald (Adjectives courtesy of Donald Trump). These three senators were, supposedly, well-informed. They all agreed that candidate Trump was not fit to be president, that he was a pathological liar, a con-artist, an idiot, a moron and a xenophobic race-baiting bigot. He was not right for America or for the Republican Party. Yet Lindsey, Ted, Marco and a majority of sycophant GOP legislators still supported him. And, unfortunately, they managed to put him in the most powerful political office in the whole universe. Considering that they apparently thought he was a dodo, this was a remarkable feat.

Fortunately, when the majority of Americans had had enough, they voted him out and of course, narcissistic Donald Trump went ballistic! He tried to confiscate voting machines, he tried to derail mail-in ballots and he called upon his most deplorable supporters to initiate an insurrection to overturn the election. All of these actions are serious crimes, and to the amazement of many, some folks still support him! Even those who are supposedly “well-informed!” Now, if this isn’t the epitome of “idiocy,” what is?

Lately, some Republicans have been acting odd. Besides banning books and attacking women’s rights, they are chipping away at our democracy in one way or another, while Ukrainians are struggling to build theirs. Some of them praise Vladimir Putin instead of condemning him.

The logical thinking that some Republicans used to possess seems to be deteriorating, and like a deadly disease they are squeezing the oxygen out of America’s successful and centuries-old democracy. So, say again. Who exactly are the idiots?

Italo J. Zarate