Dunkin heralds return of pumpkin spice products to create those fall feels

Pumpkin spice products at Dunkin. (Courtesy of Dunkin)
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We know it’s been hot but hear us out: Pumpkin spice is making a comeback.

That’s right. Pumpkin spice products which signals that the Autumn season is approaching is beginning to make their return to area eateries and coffee shops. In this case, Dunkin has already announced its fall menu.

Dunkin’s pumpkin spice signature latte, nutty pumpkin coffee and pumpkin bakery lineup are all back on the menu. Also, pumpkin spice grahams will be returning to grocery stores Friday, Sept. 1.

In a news release, Dunkin got cute and said its pumpkin spice latte “stirs memories of golden autumns past.” For now though, at least until the temperatures in the Rio Grande Valley descend from the 100s, it’s likely many people may opt for the iced drinks, but hey the hot lattes are available for those who want to watch the world burn.

Pumpkin spice signature latte at Dunkin. (Courtesy of Dunkin)

Don’t forget that the latte also features vanilla and fall spices in addition to sweet pumpkin that’s blended “with rich espresso and milk, then crowned with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and a dusting of cinnamon sugar.” Dunkin referred to this as “that quintessential fall shimmer,” but we’ll just call it sugar for now. 

“Last year’s crowd-pleaser, the Nutty Pumpkin Coffee, is back by popular demand,” Dunkin further announced in the release. “This unique drink combines Dunkin’s Original Blend Iced or Hot Coffee with sweet pumpkin, cream and a touch of hazelnut for the perfect pick-me-up to feel the essence of fall from August onwards.”

It suffices to say that many pumpkin swirls will be ordered this season. Guests can also customize their orders. 

Dunkin is also bringing back, for a limited time at participating locations, its pumpkin k-cup pods featuring pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon flavors.

Then there’s the bakery, which now has the pumpkin cake donut and donut holes, and the pumpkin muffin.

But wait, there’s more (insert hat tip here): the maple sugar snackin’ bacon and maple sugar bacon breakfast sandwich are also on the menu. 

See you at the drive-thru.