Honduran man arrested after grabbing Border Patrol agent’s genitals

A Honduran man was arrested Thursday following a scuffle he had with a Border Patrol agent which involved the man grabbing the agent’s genitals, according to a criminal complaint.

Cristian Enrique Maldonado Quintanilla was charged with assaulting a federal officer following a struggle that occurred because the agent believed Quintanilla to be attempting to escape custody.

At around 6 p.m., a Border Patrol agent identified as “J.T.” began his shift at the McAllen Station but later responded to Bensten State Park in Mission following a drawbridge activation alongside other agents.

While on patrol, a “K-9 hit off a scent” and five individuals ran out of the brush which resulted in a pursuit.

This is when J.T. encountered Quintanilla who initially appeared compliant but when J.T. grabbed the man by the left hand, Quintanilla pulled away “as if he was attempting to flee again.”

J.T. was able to hold onto Quintanilla and a struggle ensued.

“During the struggle, Quintanilla grabbed (Border Patrol agent) J.T. by the testicles,” the criminal complaint said. “(Border Patrol agent) J.T. had to strike Quintanilla in the back approximately four to five times before Quintanilla released his testicles.”

The struggle continued even after Quintanilla let go.

The agent attempted to call out for assistance over his radio but the transmission didn’t go through, so he began yelling for help.

Another agent responded to his cry for help and assisted J.T. in grounding and handcuffing Quintanilla who continued to resist.

J.T. then checked Quintanilla for any injuries and noted he had bruising on his back and scratched to his face, so the agent recommended that Quintanilla receive medical attention.

Quintanilla later provided a Mexican permanent resident card which revealed his nationality to be Honduran and he was then determined to be illegally present in the United States.

He’s set to appear before U.S. Magistrate Judge J. Scott Hacker for his preliminary and detention hearing on Tuesday.