Police body cam footage shows glimpse of altercation between Pharr city managers

Pharr Police Chief Andy Harvey Jr. conducts a press conference over the Gabriel Quintanilla case at the Pharr police department on Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022, in Pharr. (Joel Martinez | [email protected])

PHARR — Police responded to an altercation between former City Manager Andy Harvey and Deputy City Manager Ed Wylie on Aug. 2, according to police body cam footage The Monitor obtained Friday.

The footage shows an unnamed Pharr police officer as he arrives at the scene inside Pharr City Hall. As he walks to the entrance of the Administration Office, he is greeted by an unknown woman at the front desk who tells the officer that she called police and that she “thought it was somebody from the outside.”

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“It’s management,” she added. “They’re getting into it.”

As the officer is let into the offices, Harvey can be heard yelling from an area down the hallway.

“I am your f—ing boss,” he said.

As the officer turns the corner, Harvey emerges from an office and is seen walking down the hall towards the officer.

“Who the f— called you?” Harvey asks the officer.

“Hey chief,” the officer responded.

“Who called you?” Harvey asked again.

“They called me from the —” the officer said, before being cut off by the former police chief.

“Nah, nah, nah. Go back,” Harvey told the officer. “I don’t need your f—ing help.”

The officer is heard telling Harvey, “Yes sir,” before turning away and walking towards the exit.

Harvey can then be heard asking office employees who had made the call.

“Who the f— called him?” he asks.

An employee begins to respond, but the response is difficult to understand because the officer is leaving the area and walking towards the elevators.

The Monitor previously reported on the altercation following the release of a complaint the deputy city manager made against Harvey.

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In an interview Tuesday, Harvey admitted he had a “fierce conversation” with Wylie regarding the deputy city manager’s purchase of $5,700 worth of cookies from a local bakery.

“I think that’s his opinion, that I went ballistic,” Harvey said Tuesday. “I don’t think that’s accurate. I think that I had a fierce conversation with him about something that I feel he was reckless about — spending taxpayer money to help out a local business given that we were deep into budget preparations and discussions where the city was hemorrhaging millions of dollars.”

On Friday, the city announced it was laying off nearly 40 of its employees.