Brownsville man arrested for making false 911 emergency calls

A 31-year-old Brownsville man has been arrested by Brownsville police after he was accused of abusing the department’s 911 emergency system.

Authorities report Roberto Ivan Sanchez was arrested at about 1:40 a.m. Tuesday as he made the fourth false call requesting police assistance at the 2400 block of Taylor St., said Investigator Martin Sandoval, spokesman for the Brownsville Police Department.

He is charged with at least one count of silent abusive call/electronic communication to 911 service.

Sanchez repeatedly sent text messages to 911 Emergency services claiming it was an emergency and that he needed help, Sandoval said.
“Officers responded four different times throughout the night to the location. On the first three attempts no one would answer the door and on the fourth call officers were able to make contact,” Sandoval said.

Sandoval said Sanchez admitted to officers that there was no emergency and that he sent out the text messages to 911. “Sanchez knowingly requested emergency services when he was not in need of any emergency services.”

Sandoval said the public should be reminded that 911 is for emergency situations only. “By making false 911 calls you could take up valuable time another citizen needs.”

He said Brownsville Emergency Communications has the capability of receiving emergency text messages to 911. If there is no actual emergency, you can dial the administration line at (956) 548-7000.