The ongoing highway construction project to add widen lanes and add medians to Ruben M. Torres Blvd. is causing traffic delays Tuesday afternoon.

The eastbound lanes are down to one lane from Seville to Port Isabel Road and backed up for at least a mile.

Many drivers have been passing other motorists by driving on the restricted areas or going through traffic lights in hopes of avoiding a longer wait.

The westbound traffic is also backing up at Seville and slowing because traffic is being funneled to one lane from Hudson Boulevard to Paredes Lane.

The massive construction project on FM 802 began last year and will cost about $7.5 million and take 1.5 years to two years to complete.

The project, which is about 1.36 miles long, started at FM 802 and FM 1847 (Paredes Line Road) and ends at Old Port Isabel Road. It involves the construction of a raised concrete median and widening of the four exiting lanes to six 12-foot wide travel lanes and two 10-feet wide bike lanes.

The 6-foot wide sidewalks will remain in place along both sides of the roadway. In addition, the project includes proposed right and left turn lanes at intersections throughout the project.

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Growing Lanes: Work begins on widening of FM 802