Release date set for ‘The Thirteen: Origins’ comics, co-published by RGV’s David Bowles

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The Big Three, future leaders of the ‘Thirteen.” (Courtesy photo)

Chispa — the Latino imprint established by Scout Comics and Mucho Más Media — has announced the publication schedule for “The Thirteen: Origins.”

This series is a collection of one-shot comics that establishes the imprint’s connected literary world (known as the “Chispaverse”). In this world, individuals known as chispas (“sparks” in Spanish) exhibit greater-than-human abilities and threaten the status quo.

“The Thirteen,” explained co-publisher and Rio Grande Valley resident David Bowles, “is the first of several planned teams from across the Americas. Hailing from Mexico and the U.S., these chispas will eventually become an elite league with powers rooted in Mesoamerican lore. But when we meet them in ‘Origins,’ they are still newbies. The interconnected stories span the two weeks when each of them, one after another, turns 18. As a result, readers get to meet them just as they learn of their abilities for the first time. And since we intend to let them develop in real time, fans will follow their lives as if they were truly a part of our world.”

“The Thirteen: Origins” is just the beginning. A series penned by Terry Blas featuring the assembled team — including their enigmatic teacher Father Tonal — will follow in late 2024. In addition, a few spin-offs and solo titles are currently being planned.

This new world of gifted humans uses chispa to reflect the Latinx perspective on heroism. “Chispas arise from inside, not outside the community,” saidHéctor Rodríguez, the other co-publisher of Chispa. “They don’t simply fight evil just as vigilantes or powerful police. They’re defenders of their people.”

The first of “The Thirteen: Origins” is currently available for pre-order. The publication schedule is:

>> October 2023: “Zopilote,” written by Héctor Rodríguez III and illustrated by Chema.

>> November 2023: “Pyroclast,” written by Frederick Luis Aldama and illustrated by Guillermo Villarreal.

>> December 2023: “The Wake,” written by Jasminne and Lupe Méndez and illustrated by Reyna Pelcastre.

>> January 2024: “Cloudbreak,” written by Leticia Urieta and illustrated by Verena Rodríguez Saavedra.

>> February 2024: “Florescent,” written by Héctor González and illustrated by Jimena Sarquiz.

>> March 2024: “Dragonthrall,” written by Veronique Medrano and illustrated by Steph C.

>> April 2024: “Vendaval,” written by Ire’ne Lara Silva and illustrated by Jennifer Chavez.

>> May 2024: “Shaper,” written and illustrated by Angelo Bowles.

>> June 2024 – “Gila Girl,” written by Henry Barajas and illustrated by Salomée Luce-Antoinette.

>> July 2024: “Molt,” written by Laura Galán-Wells and illustrated by Wren Ríos.

>> August 2024: “Revive,” written by Rolando Esquivel and illustrated by Amanda Julina González.

>> September 2024: “Blue Deer,” written by David Bowles and illustrated by Armando Zanker.

>> October 2024: “Coneja,” written by Kevin García and illustrated by Martha Ortiz.