SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — For the past year, Cristina Piecuch has been showcasing her talents as a printmaking artist and inspiring others to learn this unique process of creating art.

This month, the Art Business Incubator South Padre Island (ABISPI) is celebrating Piecuch’s graduation from its Art Business Residency Program with a solo art exhibit titled “Our Shadows.”

The opening reception for Piecuch’s art exhibit will be held on Friday, Feb. 11, from 6 to 9 p.m. at ABISPI, located at 2500 Padre Blvd. Suite 1.

“I hope people can make it out,” Piecuch said. “There will be live music and refreshments.”

The exhibit will be on display from Feb. 11 through Sunday, Feb. 13.

This is a public event and there is no entry fee.

Piecuch’s exhibit is going to have original fine art relief prints and a conglomeration of all the pieces she’s worked on this past year, as well as new pieces specially made for the art show.

According to Piecuch, her exhibit’s artwork will have an emphasis on black and white stark combinations, themes of storytelling and nature.

“The theme is Our Shadows because as artists we like to create based on what our experiences are and how we see the world, but oftentimes we don’t realize the mark that we do not consciously, so it’s kind of focusing on the effects of how we perceive the world,” Piecuch explained.

Piecuch said it’s a bittersweet moment because her year is ending with ABISPI, but she is greatly looking forward to her first solo art exhibit.

“I’m really excited about the work I’ve been making,” Piecuch added. “It’s pretty exciting to move on once this is done.”

As a new artist in the field who recently graduated from college, Piecuch believes this program was a great transition for her.

“Specifically for younger artists, I think it’s a good program to help them dive into their art business, especially when you’re working with artists who might already have had experiences in the art world,” Piecuch said. “I know I learned a lot from them and we’ve learned a lot from each other so I think the best part about this program is learning from other artists and their experiences and working in a community.”

Upon graduating from the program, Piecuch wants to continue teaching printmaking at ABISPI and work with other graduating ABISPI artists who plan to open art businesses.

She also plans to participate in more local art events, such as markets and pop-ups in Brownsville and Harlingen.

“It’s such a beautiful community of artists that do those and a lot of them know each other,” Piecuch said. “I think it’ll be really important to dive into those communities. In the Valley, everyone knows each other and wants to help each other.”

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INSTAGRAM: @the.manila.folder

FACEBOOK: @cristinapiecuchart