LETTER: Random thoughts

It was nasty, freezing cold for so many. I pray for our fellow Texans suffering right now. Some in the Panhandle might be better prepared, but for parts of the state where 32 is a cold snap, unlikely.

Along the Lower Rio Grande Valley where palm trees, not pear cactus, predominate, people aren’t faring well, either, like here in West Texas. This isn’t up North where everyone has central heat and winter clothing. Even then, power off for several hours to several days is a deal breaker, risking lives and property.

For the heart-opening part there’s been so much cooperation with people having power helping those without and media posts providing up-dated information. Thanks, too for the scenic wilderness photos and historical pieces highlighting regional life at the Big Bend, Texas, Terlingua, Lajitas, Study Butte, Alpine, Marfa, Marathon Facebook group.

And, can we begrudge an area in drought receiving some much-needed extra moisture? Desert foliage thanks Mother Nature. We’re going to enjoy a bounty of bluebonnets, hoping they’ve survived an unusual desert deep freeze.

Abraham Zavah, Alpine