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Harlingen setting stage for first solar farms to back up grid

HARLINGEN — The stage is being set for the city's first solar farms as officials work to diversity energy sources, aiming to back up the local electric grid.

Harlingen’s first solar farms might be springing up

HARLINGEN — The city’s first solar farms planned to shoulder up the local electric grid might be springing up across farmland near the airport.

Harlingen officials expanding economic development zone

HARLINGEN — One of the city’s economic development zones is getting bigger as part of a plan to expand Harlingen’s main trade corridor.

Valley International’s American Airlines station becomes area’s first Customer Cup winner

HARLINGEN — Valley International Airport’s American Airlines station is being recognized for its excellence in customer service. It was awarded the airline’s Customer Cup for the fiscal year’s second quarter, marking the first time a Rio Grande Valley team has won the award.

Orlando Campos named CEO finalist for Harlingen’s Economic Development Corp.

HARLINGEN — After seven months, a national search has led city officials to a finalist for the job of manager and chief executive officer of the city's Economic Development Corporation.

Border Patrol, Harlingen police stop smuggling attempt at Valley International Airport

Border Patrol agents along with the Harlingen Police Department stopped a smuggling attempt last Thursday at Valley International Airport.

City of Harlingen earns ‘clean’ audit

HARLINGEN — Officials’ financial management earned the city high marks in its annual audit finding cash reserves jumped to a record stockpile of $31.4 million while sales tax revenue climbed 25 percent to an all-time high during the last five years.

US Rep. Gonzalez introduces bill to make Valley International Airport entry port

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez introduced the Honest Runway Labeling Act, which would designate certain airports within 30 miles of the northern or southern border as ports of entry while terminating the corresponding airport’s user fees, including Valley International Airport in Harlingen.

Air cargo at Harlingen’s VIA continues slump in January

HARLINGEN — Air cargo numbers at Valley International Airport continue to slide compared to the busy period which coincided with the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Harlingen’s VIA records busiest January in nine years

HARLINGEN — Passenger numbers at Valley International Airport dipped in January as is usually the case in what amounts to the off-season for tourism.