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Unique diversity: This extensive exhibit showcases works by two artists traveling different, fascinating paths

Robert Codina, photographer, and Rosie Kane, multi-disciplinary artist, have created an astonishing exhibition at Upper Valley Art League’s Kika de la Garza Fine Arts Center.

Their favorite things: Two-person exhibition displays excellent oil paintings and watercolors by master artists

“Mixing Oil & Water” by Sheri Rundell and Dennis Grover, currently on display at the Upper Valley Art League, firmly demonstrates the artistic mastery of both artists. Consisting of thirty-one works in oil by Rundell and 30 watercolors by Grover, this extensive exhibition speaks of observational clarity and a heartfelt reverence for their subjects. The exhibition title describes the artistic duo rather than announcing a tricky technique.

Art for sight and mind: ‘Microscape’ presents viewers with a fusion, experienced through artists’...

I walked into the “Microscape” exhibit expecting to see applied art, and instead ran head-on into what I consider fine art.

Artistic journey: Exhibit is visual story of well-known South Texas artist’s evolution

With “Mi Vida Loco,” Mark Clark takes us on a brief autobiographical tour from his first artistic inspirations to the present. Stepping into the artist’s creative pathway we see his family and friends serving as early inspirations, and life in the Valley combining a passion for social depictions of US-Mexico relations and a rejection of the European art style. His art finally plays with time, moving historical subject matter out of the past and into the present.

Spectacle of awareness: Exhibition explores feminine perception through imaginatively realistic approach

Do you want an art that comes from the inner being of the artist and becomes visible via imagination overdrive?

With meaningful insight, collection at IMAS depicts Mexican contemporary social history

This robust exhibition features the work of 34 independent artists from Northern Mexico.

Hidalgo Watercolor Society cuts broad swath of scenic content

The Hidalgo Watercolor Society’s annual show is currently on display at the Kika de la Garza Fine Arts Center.

Japheth Asiedu-Kwarteng’s works reveal physical, emotional manifestations of our immigration system

So you think you’re familiar with our immigration system? How many types of forms for visas there are? Think again.

UVAL photographers interpret, document their subjects in upbeat exhibition

Upper Valley Art League’s annual photography show exposes versatile interests among its photographers. The technophiles are represented with their close attention to f-stops and...