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39 dead in fire at Mexico migrant center near US border

A fire in a dormitory at a Mexican immigration detention center near the U.S. border left more than three dozen migrants dead, a government...

IBWC unveils new whitepaper aimed at troubleshooting unpredictable water deliveries from Mexico

Halfway into a five-year cycle where Mexico must deliver a deluge of water to the United States, the country is already falling far behind in meeting its obligations.

Pace of investigation into missing Peñitas women in Mexico frustrates, concerns family

Two Rio Grande Valley women traveled across the Rio Grande into Mexico in late February but when they suddenly stopped sending updates to their family back home, they filed a missing persons report. Unlike the quick response seen in the case of the four people who went missing last week in Matamoros, their case remains unsolved and their family lives on fragile hope.

3 women missing in Mexico after crossing from Texas on trip

PEÑITAS, Texas (AP) — Two sisters from Texas and a friend are missing in Mexico after they crossed the border last month to sell...

Gang leader freed in Mexico prison attack that killed 17

Mexican authorities on Monday raised the death toll from an attack on a state prison in Ciudad Juarez across the border from El Paso, Texas to 17, a brazen operation that appeared designed to free the leader of a local gang.

Dismantled: Chaos ensues when migrants arrive as Reynosa bulldozes camp

City officials in Reynosa cleared out a migrant encampment sheltering hundreds of migrant families and attempted to relocate them early Tuesday morning. Yet, hundreds more arrived over the last couple days, complicating the math and introducing chaos into the fragile process.

Blockades, attacks reported in Mexican border city as rumors of high-profile arrest circulate

The U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo was one of several places in the Mexican border city that were attacked by the Cartel del Noreste...

McAllen gives Tamaulipas governor key to the city

McALLEN — The city highlighted binational relations Tuesday, honoring Tamaulipas Gov. Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca by presenting him with a key to...

Mexico’s army stands between gangs, enforcing turf divisions

By MARK STEVENSON, The Associated Press AGUILILLA, Mexico — In western Mexico a small squad of soldiers with about a half-dozen trucks and sandbag emplacements stands...

U.S. reopens land borders with Mexico to vaccinated travelers

By Uriel J. García, The Texas Tribune EL PASO — After 19 months of closure, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Monday reopened its...