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Valley’s food safety social net reacts as Texas passes on $350 million in children’s...

Children in the Rio Grande Valley and the rest of the state are being left out of a new federal program aimed at helping address food insecurity during the summer break.

Red Cross partnering with Harlingen’s Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes in Harlingen has entered into a new partnership with the Texas Gulf Coast Red Cross to help individuals in the Cameron County area cope with climate disasters.

‘No surge in Harlingen’: Local shelters housing groups of migrants

HARLINGEN — Shelters here are housing groups of migrants as they make their way north to pursue asylum cases.

Style Show to raise funds for Loaves and Fishes

HARLINGEN — “Gone With The Wind.”

Harlingen begins sheltering Central American migrants; shelter finds 8 positive for COVID-19

HARLINGEN — Central American migrants are beginning to stop at a city shelter as they seek asylum in the United States. Last week, the U.S....

Donations needed: Loaves and Fishes prepares upon arrival of asylum seekers

HARLINGEN — Organizations are preparing for the arrival of unknown numbers of asylum seekers in the next few weeks. Loaves and Fishes in Harlingen in...