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Sen. Cornyn proposes withholding funding for Mexico over Valley’s water crisis

The Rio Grande Valley's reservoirs are not only running out of water, the region is running out of options.

Texas lawmakers urge Congress to block Mexico funding over failed water deliveries

A bipartisan, bicameral delegation of Texas lawmakers are urging Congress to withhold millions in funding from Mexico until that country makes good on its water debt to the United States.

USDA offers wide variety of assistance for various hardships

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reminded farmers, growers and producers that there are a number of programs available to help them recover from economic...

Desert days: South Texas drought beginning to ring alarms

Crispy lawns and dry, dusty shrubbery may be the least of our problems here in the Rio Grande Valley as a persistent drought continues...

NWS: Cold front will increase chance of wild fires

A cold front will move through South Texas on Wednesday bringing much drier air, that when combined with low relative humidity and high winds,...