Sold out Sams: How to watch the Class 5A DI Region IV Final

Brownsville ISD announced earlier in the week that it has sold out the Class 5A Region IV final against Brownsville Veterans and Corpus Christi Miller.

Kickoff for the Region IV-5A championship game between the Chargers (11-2) and Buccaneers (13-0) is set for 7 p.m. Friday at Sams Memorial Stadium in Brownsville.

Sams Memorial Stadium has not sold out since Brownsville Porter in 2003 and Brownsville Rivera games in the 1990s under head coach Tom Chavez, BISD Athletic Director Gilbert Leal said.

“We are blessed that Veterans started peaking about six weeks ago,” Leal said. “Just watching their games as they have progressed, their physicality has improved as the competition has gotten stiffer they have been able to meet those challenges.”

“I have coached for 25 years with eight teams and have gone to third round, but never had the chance as a coach to get to a fourth round game and so to do it here in Brownsville is amazing,” Leal said. “It is a six-high school system. We are not a one-horse town like some of the other areas in South Texas, or the Valley. It is attribute to those kids and to the coaches.”

Leal said the calls started coming in after beating PSJA North 45-28 in third round to make sure everything is ready for 11,000 people about to descend on Brownsville for the game.

No ticket, no problem

If you could not find a ticket, or live on the other side of the Valley, do not worry.

The game will be available to stream on BISD-KBSD ITV’s YouTube page.

Parking at Sams

Even if a game does not sell out, parking at Sams for visitors on big games can be hard to find if you are new to the area.

“If you are coming from the Corpus area, you might want to leave around noon, get here about 3 p.m., find a good meal at a restaurant and work your way to Elizabeth and 4th street. There is 150 new parking spots and you can walk the walking track and just come directly in the back of where the visiting section is.”

BISD is also offering a shuttle service.

For a breakdown of the game check out the article below.

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