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For centuries the Democrats have been the “tax and spend guys.” They’re the party of American Treasury confiscatory distribution — to themselves.

They’re irremediably bad stewards of America’s resources by fueling it with abortion incentives, illegal migration vote-buying, spending trillions on invading foreigners. They will pour trillions into protecting enemy country borders, handing billions to the corrupt authoritarian World Health Organization to strengthen Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, before protecting our southern border.

In historical contrast, Republicans go above and beyond to strengthen our country just for their simple unwavering love for America (to the exclusion of the cowardly Washington swamp RINOS). Being part of the leftist Washington swamp is the RINOs’ wannabe moment. Their self-serving confiscatory wealth distribution is too good for them to give up too.

They come into power poorer than dirt and now deem themselves the global elitists at Americans’ taxpayers expense. They’re comparable to blood-sucking vampires.

Democrats have been fooling America for centuries, and now globally with their fake “we care for the poor” greed, when actually they tax and spend their own citizens into slavery to garner and bait more votes to seal their own power and totalitarianism and snuff out democracy and freedom forever.

They bait the poor and clueless illegal migrants with upfront perks, free health care and endless amenities to seal their elitist power. After they win their in-the-basement elections, they drop interest on these poor souls, and abandon them to their own sad dependency once they’ve secured their corrupt elections.

They later come after these uninformed souls with cruel withdrawals from their dependency. In essence saying, “You’re no longer of service to us anymore, we’re confiscating everything you have to pay us back for all those free goodies you have enjoyed.” They will start demanding payback on their newly removed monetary and free healthcare benefits, their pardoned loans and personal homes, so they can go their merry way seeking new illegal votes for their next elections.

They’re the same old fossils, “tax-and-spend leftists,” telling these poor displaced migrant souls, “See you later, alligator, you’re no longer needed.”

Lying and gaslighting their opponents, fooling citizens to believe that they’re incapable of governing themselves, is their Marxist brand of total government control. Their age-old agenda:

1. America last.

2. Car-buying control, highway driving surveillance control.

3. Appliance buying control.

4. Abortion benefits and free legal protection, Affirmative Action, except for Americans, an age-old, vote-getting magnet.

5. Fake green energy control.

6. Secretly flying and dropping illegals off all over America on our dime.

7. Losing unaccompanied minors by the thousands without trace.

8. School and business loan forgiveness funded by poor middle-class Americans.

9. They’re the authentic voter suppressors, making real taxpaying citizens victims of reverse voter suppression. They will feign “caring about the poor people” with the confiscation of American taxpayers’ money.

10. They still hinge on Jan. 6, 2021 “insurrection,” and still ignore numerous verified depositions from credible officials ascertaining that President Donald Trump requested law enforcement security support days before Jan. 6, which are still ignored and denied by them Marxist style.

By the way, nobody talks about Oct. 7, 2023, a surprise attack on our good neighbors in Israel, who never provoked it.

11. They use euphemism language to embellish their anarchy and dictatorship to tighten their grip against American freedom.

12. They will investigate and salivate over Trump on every breath he takes, but ignore the numerously detailed origin of the huge financial benefits still coming to the Biden family.

13. They act like thugs in gaslighting people who dare say the truth against this tyranny, but are meekly comfortable being compared to “breakfast tacos” so as not to lose their freebies that have become a sad part of their core.

14. They swear about their goodness for “poor” immigrants, and their 24/7 dedication to persecuting Trump. They’re too afraid that their quiet little subsidies and bribe schemes will come to a screeching halt, because they love their expected handouts more than they love America. It’s very shameless to hate America, its flag, but have a perverse dependency on American handouts.

Imelda Coronado lives in Mission.