Cameron County judge urges Trump not to visit the county or RGV

Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. issued a statement this morning that requested President Donald Trump not visit the county or the Rio Grande Valley.

Trevino states he is making the request as Trump’s visit may trigger similar conduct to that which happened last Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol and could further affect the current severe COVID-19 crisis in the county and the rest of the Valley.

“The violence and attacks our U.S. Congress members and U.S. Capitol experienced are beyond words of validation and are in direct opposition to our shared American values,” Trevino states in a press release. “It was a domestic terror attack upon our democracy and our U.S. Constitution upon which our country is founded and such an attack cannot be defended in any way.”

Trevino is also asking Valley residents to avoid locations where Trump will be visiting to help prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Trump is scheduled to arrive in Harlingen this afternoon and will travel to an area where the border wall is located near Alamo.

Flag rallies supporting Trump are scheduled to take place in Harlingen and McAllen. Officials anticipate counter rallies will also occur.